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11. (a)  Compare and contrast between bacteria and virus                           [4 marks]

(b)   A chef realized that the bread he mixes with flour and sugar cannot rise up. Explain how you can raise the dough.

       Your answer should include the following;

  • Identify problems
  • Classification of problem
  • Solving method
  • Steps of method use
  • Evaluation                                                                               [6 marks]
  • (a)  (I)   Comparison between bacteria and virus:  Both of them are     

                  microorganism //size less than 10 micro meter.


Differentiate between bacteria and virus


           Bacteria                         Virus
Can be seen inder light microscope Only can be seen under electron microscope.
Not all bacteria is parasite / some don’t need host. All virus are parasite /only can growth in life cell which as a host.
Not all bacteria pathogenic/ Some bacteria are usefull to human. All virus are pathogenic.


                                                                                                                  Total    ; 4 marks

                                                                                                            Total  :   6 mark(b)


1 Identify problems The bread he mixes with flour and sugar cannot rise up.
2 Classification of problem  how he can raise the dough.
3 Solving method To raise the bread, he has to put in yeast into the ingredient.
4 Steps of method use 1. When yeast is mix with flour and sugar, yeast        will compose sugar to produce carbon dioxide.

2. The gas will push the dough from inner when  

    the dough is heated.

3. This action will raise the dough of bread.

5 Evaluation By filling yeast will form carbon dioxide from  the reaction with sugar and when the dough is heated, the gas will expand to raise the bread.
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